Plants bring a lot of color and life to your home, with their fresh, green vibes and a pleasant, delicate smell. But many of them also work wonders for your health and well-being! Here, we look at some common plants you can have around your home to help you sleep better.


This is my favorite! Fresh or dry, they always look beautiful. It is one of the oldest natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety. Its wonderful fragrance helps you sleep deeper, calms you down and gives you energy in the morning.


These white fragrant flowers, so fragile and delicate, will not make you sleepy but will help to improve the quality of your sleep. Its odor has a significant effect on a human’s nervous system. You will feel fresh and spirited if jasmine is your bedroom plant.


This little green fatty is a must-have succulent for the home. An ancient healer known for helping fight inflammation, scars, and burns, aloe is your helper. It also has a detoxifying effect on the body (that’s why we love cooling aloe drinks so much!). It will also be your best warning system – it will develop brown spots on its leaves if there are high amounts of chemicals in your home.

Golden Pothos

The golden pothos is a wonderful vining plant suitable for the bedroom, and it requires minimal attention: it doesn’t need lots of sunlight or any additional care. It’s just there, nicely hanging from its pot, purifying the air and making sure you get your dose of wonderful dreams at night.


A small bunch of mugwort leaves in a bag under your pillow at night is said to help lucid dreaming. If that doesn’t work, the plant is still good for a whole host of problems: its juice is said to be effective at stopping bleeding, lowering fevers and purging the stomach of impurities. It can also be boiled and taken to relieve colds and coughs. In Singapore, you can usually find it in traditional Chinese medicine shops, where it is known as “ai cao” (艾草)


Want to fall asleep quickly? Just sit next to gardenia and take couple of deep breaths – that’s all I can say. But make sure you don’t nap while tending to it.

English Ivy

Though more popular as an outdoor plant because of its invasive nature, English Ivy is one of the best plants to keep at home. It’s a great air purifier, a powerful antioxidant, an allergy and asthma fighter, and a natural air-cleaning device. Still think you don’t need some in your bedroom?
We are always able to incorporate any of these plants as part of your flower arrangement or bouquet. Just drop us a line at hello@gatheredandstyled.com with your enquiry.
All images are taken from www.ancestryimages.com.
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