My first trip to Japan was mind-blowing! I fell in love with this country even before going there, and since the trip I have been completely obsessed with it.

I won’t dwell on how everything is amazing there (I’m sure you all are aware of that), but I got a chance to work with local floral ingredients, and OMG – I felt like staying there so I can do it again and again!

Like Japanese food, the flowers are super high-quality, in a big variety, and soooo delicious! I couldn’t risk going foraging though everything was blooming as we went in late spring (lies, I did some foraging), but with smoke bush blossoming all over the place and ginkgo trees lining the streets, it was so amazing and tempting!

I sourced my flowers from a little neighborhood florist, with a modest but pretty selection and worked on a muted earthy bridal bouquet. Fluffy peonies, earthy lizzies, dusty roses, dark pops of scabiosa – all drowned in the gorgeous smoke bush, which I wish I could work with all year round.


Photography / Studio Kel

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