Australia has become one of my top 5 holiday destinations since I moved to Singapore. Not only does it remind me of my own country in terms of weather, food and distances, but also because it is a treasure trove of amazing and talented floral designers.

When I visit, I always prepare a list of florists I MUST visit, and they’ve been a great source of inspiration for me lately. They each have their own style, theme, look, everything! I feel that’s what the Singapore flower market lacks – creativity and individualism.

So Tim and I went on an amazing road trip starting from Gold Coast, and we drove 1,000 km to Sydney, stopping at all the nice little towns and villages along the way. I think I can write a book about that, but this post is about flowers, so…

I prepared quite a long list of florists that I wanted to see and visit, but I only managed some of them, so I guess that’s a good reason to go back soon!

Most of them are located in Sydney, but before that we spent two nights in Newcastle, where I visited Newcastle Flower Markets, and it was a hit!


Newcastle Flower Markets
1 Rural Drive
Sandgate, NSW 2304

Newcastle Flower Markets is located in a small warehouse outside the city centre, with a big yard, a cozy cafe and gorgeous Australian flowers. I’m so in love with all the local flowers, and the moment I entered I knew I was gonna spend a while there! Suddenly, after a quick chit-chat with the most friendly ever Rara, I found myself arranging a bouquet at their table :)
Jessica, the owner of the market, kindly let me have a little jamming session with my choice of flowers. I went for most beautiful toffee garden roses (which you’ll never get in Singapore), gum tree nuts, and my favourite smoke bush. With such a selection, you can’t expect me to work with anything less, ha! Can’t thank Jess enough for that wonderful experience.

Florist @ the Grounds of Alexandria
Building 7A, 2 Huntley Street
Alexandria, NSW Australia 2015

This wasn’t on my list; it was on Tim’s list. As the most attentive and caring husband in the world, he knows how much I love baby goats and other baby animals, so he took me here ‘coz he remembered they had a petting zoo at the market. Well, I think last time he visited there was a baby piglet, but now that piglet has become a giant boar. I really loved the place! It was super crowded, but we still enjoyed ourselves. There was a florist as well, with the large crowds taking pictures and posing with all their flowers, and I actually did the same as it was really beautiful.

Hermetica Flowers
248 Dowling St
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

Here it is. The florist I’ve been obsessing over for the past year or more. They do the most gorgeous bouquets. If I ever have a shop, that what it’s gonna look like. They’ve been a big inspiration for me with their every day flowers. Can’t say more, you’ve just gotta see it.

Poho Flowers
Shop 2, 117 Macleay St
Potts Point NSW 2011

A beautifully arranged space, with a big variety of flowers and foliage laid out in an ombre style. Various home scents, pots and vases, and sweet house plants outside will make you stop and admire this place for a bit.

Shop 1/12 Macleay St. Potts Point NSW 2011

Another big name in Sydney flower scene. It’s a very small space to walk in with a quite a big working space behind with super high ceilings. When we entered, the staff were standing on the tables working on something big. Classy, simple, yet gorgeous. And those dyed phalaenopsis orchids are to die for.

Seasonal Concepts
122 Redfern St, Redfern NSW 2016

Ok, this place is a must visit even if you don’t care about flowers. Make sure you have at least an hour to spare, because I could spend the whole day at Seasonal Concepts. It’s totally unremarkable from the outside, and I won’t even notice it if I were just passing by – kind of a boring sign outside and some random garden furniture. It looks like a small shop with some stuff from your grandma’s backyard. But once you enter, you’ll find yourself in a wonderland. It’s like you entered some different dimension. The place is as massive as you can imagine and there’s not even A MILLIMETRE of free space!!! It’s all covered, cluttered and clustered with things you could never imagine, and you’ll want them all. Taxidermy all over the place, bones and skulls, feathers and fur, antique tins, jars, don’t-know-what, creepy toys and dolls, chandeliers, mirrors, paintings, furniture….and tons of flowers of course! Tim’s planning a trip back with an empty luggage so he can get some stones and animal skulls…

My Violet
Shop 4/17-21 George St, Redfern NSW 2016

Another gorgeous and cozy space, with a perfect selection of flowers. Even though there wasn’t much left when we arrived (we came pretty late), I still took my time to roam around and admire those coral charms and white orchids against their signature shabby blue wall.

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