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I spent the last month in Europe traveling, learning and working. I attended a floral retreat on a farm in Belgium (I’m going to write a separate post about it, or maybe even two!), visited my family in Moscow, where I attended to my own little garden, and  was at a friend’s wedding in France. The last 10 days of my trip was in Switzerland, mostly Zurich, as I accompanied Tim for his work trip. 

Usually, when I travel I have a list of designers and florists I want to meet, but this time I was totally unprepared for the floral design scene in Switzerland. But walking in the sweet fairy-tale-looking streets of Zurich, I couldn’t help but peek in all the cutest and most stylish flower shops around. So this guide is not about florists who inspire me, but a list of extremely cute places that are worth taking a look, where you can admire all the gorgeous European flowers and beautiful designer vessels, if you are in the area.


Blumenbinder Regula Guhl

Oberdorfstrasse 10
8001 Zürich

This was the first florist I entered as I couldn’t resist: a beautiful shop window with a minimalistic installation with branches and lily of the valley, pots of succulents, as well as herbs and flowers outside. Its interiors are clean and sleek, with all the flowers and foliage hanging on the wall on one side, and neat shelving on the other. And look at those Japanese vases!

I had a quick and nice chat with the florist there, who gave me quite a few recommendations for other flower shops, so my hunt for the best floral designers in the city began.

Urs Bergmann Florist

Marktgasse 6
8001 Zürich

Situated in an old drugstore, Urs Bergmann left the interior of the shop almost untouched, incorporating all the flowers and decor into the space and using all the apothecary shelvings, cupboards and even the old-school till (which they said still works well!), which makes the space so atmospheric. With a gorgeous variety of flowers, and peonies in season, this place looked magical.

Christian Felix

Nüschelerstrasse 1
8001 Zürich

A petite corner shop with some potted plants, a variety of fresh flowers and foliage, and a big choice of silk flowers, which was beautifully arranged in a hanging installation on the wall. Adding to this was home scents and candles, which made me hang around there for a while :)


am Pelikanplatz
Talacker 30 
CH-8001 Zürich

This place was a real find! Blumenhalle, which means “flower hall”, is just around the corner from Christian Felix. It’s a gorgeous and large space with everything you want: flowers and foliage – fresh and silk, potted plants, tropical orchids, vessels, vases, pots, accessories, home decor, and a lot more. I would say – get your souvenirs there, their selection of vases is just stunning.

Martin Grossenbacher Blumen

Dufourstrasse 85
8008 Zürich

If you are taking a walk from the old town towards the Le Corbusier pavilion, take a walk along the inside streets instead of the quay and you will find at least two florists worth checking out!

Martin Grossenbacher is another cute corner shop, which boasts a wide selection of exotic flowers and all things quirky and cool. It’s stylish, neat and it has a taxidermy bird.

Susanne Wismer Blumen

Dufourstrasse 138
8008 Zürich

A short walk down the street from Martin Grossenbacher, right before you turn to the Le Corbusier pavilion in the park, take a peek into Susanne Wismer’s flower shop. It’s a pretty cozy studio, with a beautiful choice of flowers, arrangements from moss, and some garden decor. It’s also very nicely decorated! I was told they change it every season – wish I could come back and see again! They also have a small commune flower garden, which is so charming!

Let me know if you visit any of them and what you think!

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