Flowers, sun, music and friends – the recipe for a perfect weekend, and exactly how we spent our Saturday and Sunday at another edition of Open Farm Community’s Social Market!

Finally, after a 12-hour-long sleep and treating my sunburns, I can write this blog post and share some photos of what went down over the weekend. Thank you so much for dropping by to say hi and getting your fresh blooms from us, especially our new friends who took part in the two workshops we conducted!

Our Express Hand Bouquet Workshop on Saturday afternoon turned out to be a “It’s-hot-as-hell hand bouquet workshop”, with everyone literally sweating over their flowers – but they still did a great job, as you can see from the photos below. The group on Sunday was more relaxed, escaping the heat in the late afternoon, but they caught the rain instead while we were wrapping up the workshop. So we went through fire and water, but I hope it was worth it!

See you next time at OFC Social Market in July, where we’ll have another workshop!

P.S. you should also follow our group on Peatix to be the first to hear about upcoming workshops, as we sold out both sessions pretty quickly this time around!

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