Every time I’m browsing for home decor, my eyes inadvertently move toward any vessels I might be able to use to display flowers at home.

I really like DIY vases, because they’re much cheaper than buying new ones, and because I get to recycle jars, cans and bottles that might have a nice shape, design element or colour. I believe that flowers can be beautifully displayed in almost anything: teacups and pots, wine bottles, breakfast bowls, tins and jars and much more.

Choosing a flower vessel is just as important as the flowers inside – the wrong one can take away all the beauty of your flowers or even cause them to wilt faster. But if you choose the right one, you can create a magnificent arrangement, especially if you use something out of the ordinary.

So how should you choose the perfect vase for your arrangement when there is such a great variety of forms, sizes, and styles?

The first thing you should remember is that the vase should take up about one-third of the whole arrangement. You can measure it by putting the vessel on the edge of the table and placing the flowers in front of it, so you can see where to cut them. The rest is up to your taste and imagination!


Perfect for thin stemmed flowers and large and tall arrangements. Transparent vases can emphasize beautiful and interesting stems and give your arrangement a sophisticated look.

Use tall narrow bottles for a single bloom with sprays or airy stems and branches.


Perfect for table centerpiece arrangements. Use colorful large-headed and shorter stemmed flowers or delicate single stems.

If you use a low bowl make sure the stems of your arrangement can’t be seen. If they are too long, cut them shorter until you see only flowers.


These options are the most practical and easy to find. They are ideal for small or medium arrangements and can be easily combined. Because they come in various sizes and colors, a variety of cans, tins and jars are perfect for creating a unique look. But mind the main rule if you use multiple pieces for your display is to use different vessels for the same flowers, and vice versa – the same vessels for different flowers.

Don’t be afraid to improvise and experiment!

For inspiration check out our Pinterest board with a big variety of flower arrangements in jars and bottles and place an order at!

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