If you are reading this blog post that means we need to congratulate you on your happy day! As we give our clients more or less the same instructions about how to take care of your wedding flowers and arrangements every time we get an order, we’ve decided to write a separate blog post on this topic.

So your wedding is tomorrow and you’ve just received your table centerpieces, bridesmaids’ posies, groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnières, pin corsages, flower crowns and, of course, the bridal bouquet from us … now what?



When you get your fresh flower bouquets from us, place them into a vessel or vase with water, making sure water covers the bottom of all the stems (because some stems can be shorter than the others). Keep in mind that the vase you use must be completely clean, as dirt can contaminate flowers, causing them to wilt faster.

In general, keep your flowers in a cool room away from direct sunlight. Replace the water if it becomes cloudy, and add more water if you see that the water level has dropped. Handle your flowers as gently as possible and always keep them in a cool place, like an air-conditioned room.


The most important part of all your wedding flowers is your bridal bouquet. We provide a vessel with water for your bouquet so they stay hydrated during the journey to your home.

Only handle bouquets when absolutely necessary and handle them as gently as possible to avoid bruising and loosening the flowers.

On the wedding day itself, if possible, we recommend keeping your bouquet in water vessels, and not leaving them in your car for too long, so they will look fresh. You can simply shake off the water or bring along hand towels to towel dry the stems.


I’ve never heard of anyone being worried about their bridesmaid’s posies. But while they’re not the bridal bouquet, they are still real fresh flowers at the mercy of the weather.

To keep them fresh, follow the instructions above. Your best friends will also need to be kept in an air-conditioned room in a vase of cold water.


These are the easiest. Our table centerpieces are usually arranged using a special floral sponge that contains water. As such, the flowers feel the same as if they were just in a vase with water. The only thing you can do to make them feel even better is to keep them in a cool place, like in an air-conditioned room.

Your flowers will last even after the event, so you can take them home. Check if the floral sponge is moist from time to time by touching it. If you see that it has become dry, water it a little bit. Remove wilted flowers from the arrangement so it continues to look fresh.

As for car arrangements, we usually set up the car a day before your wedding, so make sure the car is washed and polished. For most of our arrangements, the flowers will also sit in a floral sponge, which is fastened to your car with a high-strength suction cup.

Make sure your car is not exposed to rain or direct sun, and keep your car in a covered car park or garage. Of course, take care not to drive too fast with the arrangement on your bonnet or you risk having flowers, or the whole thing blown off.

To remove the arrangement first remove any wires or and press the quick-release tighteners on the sides of the floral sponge. You can also tighten the suction cup again if you feel it has become loose overnight.


These ones are more difficult to keep fresh. They are always the last ones we make, because after that, they will be left without water for the rest of your event.

We use different techniques to make these items, depending on what flowers we use.

The best way to keep these items fresh is to put them in the fridge, but make sure they are not next or close to the freezer! An air-conditioned room is also possible, but in this case place the bouts in a cup (or any other shallow vessel) with a tiny bit of water, so the stems stay hydrated, and for wrest corsages and head pieces – spay some water on the flowers and place them on a wet towel over night.

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