I have to admit, I have my favourite clients. I look through their pictures almost every day and smile each time. They always raise my mood and I love seeing them when they drop by. My husband has taken photos with them, and our cat Smetana doesn’t mind them either. I know picking favourites is bad. But don’t blame me – they would be your favourites as well.

Please meet the best clients ever: Cookie and Max. A beagle and shetland, they’re two handsome chillers and THE SWEETEST GUYS EVER! Recently they had a photoshoot and I jumped at the chance to be a part of it. And, of course, not forgetting their sweetest owners Mikayla and Steven, who are just a breeze to work with. I’m always so happy to arrange something for them each time!


Photography / bridelopeproductions

Flowers / Gathered+Styled


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