Each wedding is like an art project, and I always try to challenge my imagination as there are things I like and things I want to try doing. I was so lucky to work with a great team of professionals to create something magical, unconventional and inspiring with this project!

Iridescent film, reflecting pools, and sun rays filtering through glass were my inspirations for this shoot. It’s the idea of light interacting with other materials. The look was modern, light, and partially minimalistic: weird and quirky, but still reserved and classy. I went for a funky flower combination of my favourite anthuriums, orchids, and roses. A total absence of green foliage gives it a clean and glossy appearance. This look can be worn by an angelic-looking bride or a bold and chic one. Every single piece and detail, from the gowns to the cake and accessories came together to create this beautiful look of a modern muse.

Think of light passing through glass, semi-precious stones, colours like sand, tan, toffee, mustard, amber, lilac, diffused orchid, cappuccino, salmon. And pearls—pearls everywhere!


Photography / Nino Yap

Florals & Concept / Gathered+Styled

Model / Caroline Lefebvre

Gowns / Truly Enamoured ft. Sophie Etvoila

Makeup & Hair / Makeup Maestro Wedding Jas Tan

Styling / The Joy Troopers

Coordination & Production /

Cake / Crummbcakes

Ribbons / Tono and co, Eireneartisan

Accessories / Three one two five

Tableware / Lovera_Collections

Venue /

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