Alexander & Melissa’s wedding day.

This couple was so special: excellent and exceptional taste (I mean, just look at her dress <3), bold and unusual choices, and up for any experiments! And more importantly, they’re our dear friends.

Super relaxed through the whole wedding process (or at least not showing any nervousness), Mel and Alex only gave me their preferred colour scheme and bridal bouquet shape, and left the rest up to me. Well, that’s my favourite type of couple, really, as it allows me to go wild! In the end, we used coral peonies, a huge artichoke, vuvuzela roses, black calla lilies, tons of draping foliage and giant balls of monstera chandeliers to rock the garden of Sheraton Towers.

Photography by FiveTwenty Library
Flowers by Gathered+Styled
Venue: Sheraton Towers

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