Doreen & Kalfester’s rustic theme wedding at The Summerhouse.

Such a sweet and beautiful couple those two! I was lucky to work on Doreen’s pre-wedding shoot bouquet a few months before, that traveled all the way to Jeju Island (see the post here). The couple are fond of textures, just like myself, so we focused on creating a very textured look using various types of greenery, dried and fresh foliage, berries, fillers, and big open blooms. We decided on a muted and earthy palette with bright colour accents: autumnal hues with tangerine, scarlet and orange, cappuccino, off-white, cream.

The solemnization took place at the venue’s garden with a classic beautiful gazebo, white tiffany chairs, and plenty of greenery around. We wanted simple decor for the gazebo, and used with flowers and pampas and two big flower arrangements at the start of the aisle, which were later repurposed for the reception table and bar counter.

As the venue tables were really narrow, the floral arrangements were done in an organic style, with rustic golden candles for the VIP table, while all the guest tables had a flat-lay of greenery.

Doreen wanted to have the backdrop in the hallway, so people entering the restaurant would have to walk through it and enjoy the flowers. Speeches would also be made at that area. For this, we created an installation with arrangements on top and at the bottom of the stands, which could be viewed from all sides – lush and big! Towards the end of the event, this was moved to the wall to create a photo backdrop.


Venue / Summerhouse
Photographer / Eugene from The Hearts Collective 
Floral design / Gathered+Styled
Makeup artist / Ling’s Palette
Gown vendor / Frieda Brides


And some shots I managed to take at the setup:


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