Working with Jia Yi and Mike was such a breeze! Fun, creative and super easy-going, the couple came ready with a clear idea of what they wanted for their wedding. Being fond of textures and dried elements (just like myself), we decided to use various types of dried foliage and big leaves, pampas grass, fillers, and big open blooms, in warm, dusky, soft colours, with some golden elements.

The big celebration took place over two days, and the weekend began with a beautiful ceremony at Yio Chu Kang Chapel, and ended with a classy evening reception at a hotel.

The chapel is a spacious hall, with almost no natural lighting, classic heavy wooden benches and a backdrop on a high stage, red carpet aisle and a dramatic spotlights at the edge of the stage.

The couple stood at the bottom of the stage during the ceremony, which was perfect as I could place the stage decor right there and use the warm spotlight to highlight the arrangements. It framed the couple beautifully, with all the golden elements shimmering in the light.

The couple repurposed some of the flowers, including the bridal bouquet, for the reception the next day.

Venue / Yio Chu Kang Chapel
Photographer / FiveTwenty Library
Makeup artist / Xiaojing
Floral design / Gathered+Styled
Date / November 2019

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