I had the pleasure of creating wedding flowers for a beautiful couple Matthew and Alison embarking on their journey of love and togetherness. The challenge was both exciting and invigorating – a quest to design a bouquet that harmonized with the bride's minimalistic dress while infusing a blend of whimsy and contemporary elegance.

I carefully curated a selection of exquisite blooms – peonies, pin cushions, delphiniums, and poppies, and so many more. These blooms brought a playful yet contemporary texture, while soft, whimsical foliage added an airy, multi-layered feel. The dance of delicate petals and leaves captured the whimsy of a meadow in full bloom.

Photographer: Bloc Memoire
Floral design: Gathered+Styled
Makeup artist: Dawn
Gown vendor: Stitch by Stitch
Wedding date: April, 2021


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