Wedding: Maybelline + Kenny

This was one of my sweet little weddings during Covid times.
Kenny and Maybelline came to me for their personal flowers, and it was such a breeze to work with them.
I really like to challenge myself in terms of working with colour, and this time we decided to go for a beautiful palette of white, tan, copper, and amber.
The earthy tones bring warmth and depth to any design. They can evoke feelings of comfort, nature, and stability. The orange hues add a pop of energy, while the brown tones offer a nice accent.
This combination creates a soothing and elegant aesthetic. I avoided using green foliage to keep it clean and within our palette and to make the overall look feel soft and radiant.

Photographer: Knotties Frame
Floral design: Gathered+Styled
Venue: Fullerton Hotel
Wedding date: September, 2020

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