I remeber Ulin and Ben’s beautiful wedding as if it was just last month, though it has already been a few years since (everyone was still masked up haha). They were a wonderful couple living abroad, and relied on me to plan their dream wedding. Despite the distance, we were determined to make their special day truly memorable. Through phone conversations, I embarked on the task of designing an elegant and charming wedding.

The couple loved lilies as the focal flowers, and I was so excited to use this grandeur flower. To complement the lilies, we carefully selected a variety roses, lisianthus, orchids, and matthiola, creating a beautiful fusion of shapes and textures that perfectly reflected their modern romantic style.

To bring their vision to life, we opted for a timeless color palette of whites, greens, and peach tones. I also incorporated hints of champagne, cream, and browns to add depth and visual interest, ensuring that the flowers wouldn’t appear flat against the cream and beige hues of the venue. Taking advantage of the venue’s mild yellow lighting, the flowers came alive under its soft glow.

It’s crucial to understand the importance of foliage and fillers in achieving the desired lushness and depth in the floral design. With this in mind, we incorporated a variety of foliage, including amaranth, eucalyptus, olive, ivy, and ferns, which added dimension and brought a natural backdrop to the arrangements.

I was deeply pregnant at that point and it was my last event that required a setup that year. Despite lacking grace and speed in my movements, I was still enjoying every moment of it. It was a real celebration of love and beauty that they will cherish forever.

Venue: Fullerton Hotel, Ballroom 2
Photographer: Samuel Goh Photography
Floral design: Gathered+Styled
Wedding planner/coordinator: Arches & Co
Makeup artist: TangYong Makeup
Gown vendor: Anais Anette Bridal
Wedding date: November, 2020


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