I recently hosted a Chinese New Year floral table arrangement workshop. A beautiful afternoon spent with mothers and daughters, learning the different ways to style and create a table piece with texture and breath, and explore the complexities of colour and flower choices. We used traditional colors, a golden vessel, and various flowers such as roses, carnations, eustoma, and chrysanthemums to create beautiful arrangements.

There is a significance of the colors and flowers in CNY arrangements. For example, red symbolizes good luck and prosperity, and chrysanthemums represent longevity.

The ladies and their daughters eagerly began creating their arrangements, adding their own personal touch. Some chose a traditional style, while others added a modern twist. The final result was a room filled with unique and beautiful arrangements, showcasing the group’s creativity and talent.

Not only did the workshop provide a hands-on experience, but it also brought the group together. The festive atmosphere and shared experience of creating something beautiful made for a special and memorable event.

Overall, the workshop was a success, and I can’t wait to host more in the future. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and passion for floristry with the group and hope their arrangements bring joy and happiness during the Chinese New Year.


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