What a wonderful season Christmas time is! Counting down the days until Christmas and New Year’s is putting us in a festive mood. We’ve been decorating our living spaces with garlands, fur trees and branches, candles and spices, and of course wreaths! So here’s some tips on how to make a Christmas wreath.

What you need

Look around your home for Christmas cards, leftover baubles and balls, ribbons, plastic fruits (I have a feeling that almost everyone has them for some reason) or real fruits and berries, cinnamon sticks, candies and lollipops, pine cones and flowers and waxy leaves, whether dry, fresh or fake. Take a walk outdoors and collect these things on the way. I often pick up dried leaves to use in my arrangements.

You will need a base for your wreath. You can use twigs from any tree by twisting them into a circle. Make sure you use fresh twigs as they are more flexible. Alternatively, you can go to a crafts shop and look for fake branches or ready-made wreath bases.

You will have to go to the florist for fresh branches and foliage and get them there, but that will bring a wonderful Christmas scent to your home. Choose woody cut plants or flowers with thick stems as they will last longer without water, and usually look good even after they dry up.

After you’ve got all these things, sit down and prepare to spend an hour or so decorating. :)


  1. Begin by wrapping thin wire around the base of your wreath in an irregular fashion.
  2. Take the items you want to use and wrap wire around them as well, leaving enough wire to secure them to your wreath base.
  3. Wrap the wire the middle of bundles of leaves, berries, and cinnamon sticks. For toys, dried fruits and bows, wrap it closer to the bottom. Poke dried orange slices and Christmas cards through.
  4. Arrange the items around your wreath by securing to its wire base or by poking them into the base of the wreath and bending sideways. You can showcase your personality here with the items you place around it, so get creative! If you can see the wire and you don’t like it, cover it with ribbons or spray glitter on it.
  5. After you add some ribbons, it’s ready to go onto your door. You can place a candle in the middle for a wonderful dining table centerpiece.
  6. Your wreath is done! It should last for a few weeks, but will good even when it dries up.

If you are really lazy to make your own, you can always contact us at and we will be glad to do it for you!

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